CG Creation and Production

3D animation film Creation and production

GDC is the first studio in the PRC creating and producing CG animation movies and TV series, its CG production lines and management control systems reach international standards, which reinforce leading position in the digital culture industry in the PRC. GDC is capable to research and develop, plan, produce and distribute various types of CG animation movies and TV series, actively explores overseas markets to promote the exports of cultural products.? GDC has been awarded as “Top 100 in the China’s Emerging Service Providers”. Several short animation films have received international professional awards; these creative works are highly appreciated and recognised by Hollywood and European producers and distributors. Currently, GDC successfully establishes partnerships with many well-know animation companies from the United States, France, Italy, Australia, Belgium, Jordan and other countries.?

Exhibition & Events

GDC is dedicated to provide one-stop service, in a collection of large events production, digital animated technology exhibitions and propaganda films, for programs on mainstream television stations in PRC. Currently, we have reached a long-term cooperative tie with CCTV, providing a variety of digital solutions, such as producing virtual studio for their TV shows. Meanwhile, the Group has applied for patents and is actively expanding its business in the tide of multimedia technology.

Special Digital Film, High-Tech Entertainment and Tourism Products

GDC has a professional team accumulated a wealth of experience on creative entertainment and tourism products, such as special digital movies, digital animation, virtual simulation system and creation, planning and design for cultural park. We also owned these intellectual property rights. Our computer graphics production mainly applies on 3D or 4D special film, visualization for design, commercial promotion, special effects of TV and film. The visual system integrates the functions for exhibition, event, new media, live TV show, virtual simulation, etc. Our projects also extents to high-tech exhibition, 360-degree screen theater, dynamic 4D theater, phantom theatre, giant screen theater, shadow Interactive carnival, simulated flight theater, dome theater, scenarios TV maze, 3D/4D theater, atrium plaza and interactive TV Talk Show.

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